The American Towing and
Recovery Institute

To promote safety, education, positive public relations and networking within the professional and business minded Towing & Recovery Industry.

We will provide and promote;

  • Live hands-on traditional towing and recovery education seminars held in every state in the Union on a requested and supported basis.
  • Internet theory sessions and DVD training.
  • Provide certification on different levels as requested by our members, including “Real Towing & Recovery Certification” and “Day-1 Towing Certification”
  • Develop and distribute a series of Public Service Announcements promoting issues of common concerns between the motoring public and the professional towing industry.
  • Exclusive for members; substantial purchase discounts set forth for programs currently set up. If there is an interest, we will move forward with the following programs; health care, diesel fuel & tires. We will need membership numbers & participation to make these programs work.
  • Exclusive member discounts for business consulting, expert witness, recovery bill mediation or review.
  • Networking opportunities between members and outside clients, including supporting other towing companies when a natural disaster or large influx of towing work happens in one area.
  • Developing response teams to help member companies with death-illness- in family situations.
  • Foster multiple toy gathering events with towing companies United States-wide during holidays.
  • Overall purpose is to work on common issues of professional and business minded towing companies, working together as a group to make good common sense and dollar and cents!

 Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Membership is $225.00 per year with many cost savings benefits!

For more information on AT&RI contact us Call: 910 747 9000 Or


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